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75% of people fear public speaking more than death!

Whether you love it or loathe it, mastering this vital skill can transform anxiety into influence.

Public speaking is not just about getting through a speech; it’s about understanding human psychology, controlling the dynamics of the room, and genuinely connecting with your audience.

Whether you’re addressing a crowd of five or five hundred, the principles of effective communication remain the same.

The insights gathered from best-selling author of “High on Life” and TED talk speaker David JP Phillips show how to captivate and engage your audience, turning every speech into a memorable experience.



Three Key Insights for Mastering Your Next Presentation

Your Mindset Determines Your Impact

Your approach to communication shapes your effectiveness. Embrace self-leadership by focusing on mindset as much as content and delivery. Show genuine care and make it about your audience. This extrospective, rather than introspective, view transforms good speakers into great ones.

Dopamine Drives Audience Engagement

Dopamine isn’t just chemistry—it’s what helps you captivate an audience. Utilise storytelling to build dopamine hits into your presentation to spike interest and anticipation. Each slide and story should push the audience’s curiosity, making them eager for what comes next.

Storytelling Structures Your Success

Great stories are the backbone of memorable speeches. Prep your audience by signalling narrative and tone at the offset—be it fun or serious. Structure your story with a clear background (where, who, the problem), develop it with the challenges and setbacks, and conclude with a resolution. This method keeps your audience engaged from start to finish.



Three Practical Steps For Better Public Speaking

Prepare Thoroughly and Practise Relentlessly

Take your time to get the presentation just right. Think about who you’re talking to and what you want them to remember. Practice makes perfect, so try out your speech in different ways and places to feel ready for anything. And always ask for feedback so you can continually adapt and develop your skills.

Engage Your Audience with Dopamine-Driven Techniques

Use dynamic storytelling to maintain audience interest. Introduce elements of surprise and suspense to trigger dopamine releases, keeping your listeners engaged. Practical exercises include varying your tone and pace and incorporating relevant anecdotes or questions that provoke thought.

Turn Nerves into Confidence

Avoid feeling you didn’t quite nail it, that nerves got the better of you, by practising some tried and tested techniques. These include ‘power posing’ to convey confidence and reduce anxiety, visualising a successful presentation to mentally prepare and build confidence, and deep breathing exercises to promote relaxation and focus.




Words of advice from those who have lived it

“In your surroundings, you’re not just amidst objects with stories; you are also the author of your own tale. Mastering the art of storytelling is to embrace a fundamental aspect of life.” – David JP Phillips.

“I used to dread presenting to potential clients, but now, I practise being extrospective. Focusing on the people around me rather than on my own anxieties has not only boosted my confidence but has also significantly increased my sales.” – Samantha Lee, Sales Leader.



Mastering public speaking is an art that extends beyond the delivery of words to connect with your audience. It involves more than just overcoming fear—it’s about harnessing the power of your presence, understanding the science of engagement, and refining your message through practice and feedback. Every speaker’s path is unique, but the principles of effective communication are universal.

This blog was inspired by David JP Phillips’s Ted Talks: ‘How to Avoid Death by Powerpoint’, and ‘110 Techniques of Public Speaking’. For more nuggets of insight and action on public speaking and communication, check out our exclusive Q&A with David.

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